I am a single mother that has changed her life around for her children I am in a residential program with my one year old son, The program is for a year and my year is up in August. I have applied to a numerous amount of transitional housing units and was accepted but that has become no more being that the units are no longer taking applications because they are becoming homeless shelters..I have been on the list since December last year now that they have different plans this should not mean that i can not move in I am technically homeless, the difference is most homeless shelters do not allow children I happened to have five children My youngest is with me and I have four more waiting back east to come live with me. I want help with talking about this and want to make it an issue I will be homeless once again by August tenth even though I now have my child back and have been clean and am now a recovering addict for over nine months now I need help staying clean and having less stress worrying about my housing crisis, I can not yet afford the living cost for San Francisco. As a matter of fact alot of people cant even though they are working very good jobs some more than one I have been through alot and need all the help I can get so please share this and lets get housing for the parents with children as well as the people without Stephanie Grant

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