Columbia Hotel
Address 411 O'Farrell St (@ Taylor)
Phone 415-673-8007
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Orange Hostel San Francisco also known as the Columbia Hotel

Columbia hotel

Columbia Hotel

411 O'Farrell St (@ Taylor)

415-673-8007 Manager: Scott J. Michaels

  • NOTE: No paid rooms available to the public.

Multiple Housing Programs, such as SF Homeless Outreach Team and other Service Agencies have rooms set aside for their clients.  This property is very friendly towards the homeless and those on bay area outreach and aid programs. 

Some of the rooms in this hotel are now sold as the Orange Hostel San Francisco, The Orange hostel san francisco is part of the columbia and some of rooms not used by the homeless are rented to students.

Owner's name: Keith Joon Kim

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Columbia Hotel - MM 411 O’Farrell St (at Taylor) 415-292-6400

Columbus Hotel - MM 354 Columbus (between Vallejo & Broadway) 415-399-0309

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