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Community Awareness & Treatment Services, Inc. (CATS) - CATS' Outpatient Program - 43 Fell Street
Address 43 Fell St., San Francisco, CA 94102
Phone 415-241-1173
Hours M-F: 9am-4pm (office hours) M-Th: days, evenings (client hours)
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43 Fell St., 94102


Provides a comprehensive outpatient program for men and women affected by chemical dependency. Treatment services include intake and assessment, treatment planning, individual counseling, group counseling, art therapy, aftercare and relapse prevention services. Outpatient recovery services for family members and significant others who have been affected by chemical dependency include a family recovery group, individual counseling and individual, family and couples counseling.

Counseling Services For Drinking Drivers[]

43 Fell St., 94102


415-553-3939 (FAX)

M-F: 9am-4pm (office hours)

M-Th: days, evenings (client hours)

By appointment (usually court or DMV referred). Counseling and educational services for individuals convicted more than once of DUI charges within the past seven years. Individual, group, and follow-up treatment. Second DUI: 18 month program. Third DUI: 30 month program. Also offers a 6 month program to offenders who had a high blood alcohol level at time of arrest and a 12-month program for first-time offenders.