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Free and Low-Cost Health Care Services in San Francisco
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Individuals without health coverage are able to access free or low-cost health care services at more than 25 clinic sites across the City. Services vary by clinic site, and may include medical, dental, and vision care.

Individuals with incomes below 500% of the federal poverty level(approximately $73,000 for a family of 3) are eligible for services on a sliding fee scale or for free care.

For more information, contact one of the clinics listed below.

Bayview-Hunters Point (zip code 94124)

Southeast Health Center 2401 Keith Street (at Armstrong) 715-0400

Castro (zip code 94114) Castro-Mission Health Center 3850 17th Street (at Noe) 487-7500

Civic Center (zip codes 94102)

Lyon-Martin Women’s Health Services 1748 Market Street, #201 (at Valencia) 565-7667

Tom Waddell Health Center 50 Lech Walesa Street (at Polk) 355-7400

Chinatown (zip codes 94108; 94133) Chinatown Public Health Center 1490 Mason Street (at Broadway) 705-8500

North East Medical Services (NEMS) 1520 Stockton Street (at Columbus) 391-9686

Haight-Ashbury (zip code 94117)

Cole Street Youth Clinic 555 Cole Street (at Haight) 386-9398

Haight-Ashbury Free Medical Clinic 558 Clayton Street (at Haight) 487-5632

Sister Mary Philippa Health Center 2235 Hayes Street, 5th Floor 750-5517

Inner Mission/Potrero (zip codes 94110; 94107)

Adolescent Medical Clinic at SFGH 1001 Potrero Avenue Main Hospital, 6M 282-9984

Children’s Health Center at SFGH 1001 Potrero Avenue, Main Hospital, 6M 206-8376

Family Health Center at SFGH 995 Potrero Avenue, Building 80, 1st Floor 206-5252

General Medical Center at SFGH 1001 Potrero Avenue

Hospital Outpatient, 1st Floor 206-8492

Mission Neighborhood Health Center 240 Shotwell Street (at 16th) 552-3870

Native American Health Center 160 Capp Street (at 16th Street) 621-8051

Potrero Hill Health Center 1050 Wisconsin Street(at 23rd) 648-3022

RAP Teen Clinic 2730 Bryant Street, 2nd Floor 282-9984

Women’s Health Center at SFGH 1001 Potrero Avenue Main Hospital, 5M 206-3400

Inner Richmond (zip code 94118)

San Francisco Free Clinic 4900 California Street (at 11th Avenue) 750-9894

OMI (Oceanview/ Merced/Ingleside) (zip code 94132)

Hip Hop to Health Clinic 446 Randolph Street 337-4719