San Francisco Homeless Resource

3310 Geary Blvd., 94118 (Administrative Offices)

415-668-2622 (Administrative Offices)

415-668-0631 (FAX) (Administrative Offices)

Operates multiple facilities and services. See individual entries for more detail:

  • Huckleberry House
  • Cole Street Youth Clinic
  • Huckleberry's Teen Health Program
  • Community Assessment and Referral Center (CARC)
  • Violence is Preventable Project (VIP Girls Project)

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Huckleberry Youth Programs - B 3310 Geary Blvd.,94118 415- 668-2622 415-668-0631 (fax)

Huckleberry Youth Programs is a major community-based youth agency, providing a full spectrum of services to homeless, runaway, and other at-risk youth in San Francisco and Marin counties. Our programs are characterized by a commitment to community-based, collaborative services, attention to the urgency, complexity, and ever-changing nature of our clients’ needs, and recognition of the value and dignity of youth and their capacity to become healthy, productive adults.