San Francisco Homeless Resource
Lavender Youth Recreation Information Center (LYRIC)
Address 127 Collingwood St., 94114
Phone 800-246-7743 415-703-6150 (Main Office) 415-863-3636 (Talkline) 415-431-8812 (TDD) 415-703-6153 (FAX)
Hours M-F: 10am-6pm (Main Office) 24 hours daily (Talkline)
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127 Collingwood St., 94114

415-703-6150 (Main Office)

415-863-3636 (Talkline)

800-246-7743 (Toll-free Talk line)

415-431-8812 (TDD)

415-703-6153 (FAX) (Website)

M-F: 10am-6pm (Main Office)

24 hours daily (Talkline)

Provides activities, peer counseling and information to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth 23 years old or younger. Wheelchair accessible.

Academic Tutoring[]

Young people can access tutoring, GED and SAT preparation, college advisement, and support within their middle and high schools. Participants can also access the library and state-of-the-art computer lab.

Recreation Program[]

Offers peer support and activities six days a week for LGBTQ young people age 18 and younger people age 18 and younger, as well as camping trips, quarterly dances and other recreational activities.

Job Training Program[]

Helps LGBTQ youth gain critical skills to help them prepare for the future.

Youth Talklink/Infoline Program[]

Free and anonymous talkline provides peer support, health and sexuality information, and referrals to youth callers throughout the state of California.

Arts and Media Program[]

Offers writing, video, music and visual arts workshops, photography classes, summer of arts program, an annual queer art show and more.

Young, Loud and Proud Conference[]

The only national youth leadership conference by and for LGBTQ youth.

Young Women's Program[]

Provides a wide range of activities for young women to learn about themselves, build community, and express their creative instincts. The program coordinates women's sports teams, sponsors annual young women's health fair; and other recreational activities.

Young Men's Program[]

Creates a safe place for LGBTQ young men to explore their identities, express themselves and learn about HIV/AIDS.

Trans Youth Program[]

Provides discussion groups, workshops, outing and activities specifically for gender queer folks and their allies. All activities are open to anyone identifying somewhere on the gender variant spectrum. 25 and under only please.