San Francisco Homeless Resource
Marty's Place
Address Aurora Dawn Foundation

P.O. Box 401076 San Francisco, CA 94140

Phone (415) 826-5670 ; Fax (415) 624-9137
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Aurora Dawn Foundation

P.O. Box 401076

San Francisco, CA 94140

Phone (415) 826-5670

Fax (415) 624-9137

E-mail martysp (at) earthlink (dot) net


In July 1989, Richard Purcell, a Franciscan friar, came to San Francisco to care for his brother Marty, who was in the advanced stages of AIDS. Marty died eight weeks after Richard's arrival. As a memorial to him, Richard decided to stay on in the one-bedroom apartment, the first Marty's Place, caring for other persons who contracted AIDS and who were homeless.

Early in 1991, Richard began a two-and-a-half-year search for more appropriate living space. In 1993, a house was found that would meet the needs of Marty's Place. Today, Marty's Place is a light-filled, comfortable Victorian home in the Mission District. Marty's Place accommodates up to eight residents.

Marty's place does not accept government funds, but supports itself through the disability benefits and occasional work of its residents, grants from private foundations and generous donations. The Aurora Dawn Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation that relies solely on the gererosity of caring and compassionate people.


Marty's Place provides long-term, rent subsidized housing for persons with AIDS who are homeless or at risk of being homeless. Additional services are secured and managed for residents at their request and as circumstances warrant.

Marty's Place coordinates its efforts with many other Bay Area service providers and has a working arrangement with San Francisco General Hospital, one of the nation's finest hospitals for AIDS and acute care.

Mission and Philosophy[]

Our mission is to offer a real home and community for persons with AIDS who have nowhere else to live. This opportunity is available to all who meet the basic criteria regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation.

Our philosophy is that the homeless, the sick and the rejected among us deserve more than scraps, crumbs and leftovers. They deserve choice and preferential treatment. ki