San Francisco Homeless Resource
Northern California Service League (NCSL)
Address 40 Boardman Place, 94013

850 Bryant, Room 213, 94103

Phone 415-863-2323 (Post-release services - Boardman) 415-552-9250 (Pre-Release Services - Bryant)
Hours M-F: 9am-5pm
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40 Boardman Place, 94013

415-863-2323 (Post-release services - Boardman)

415-863-1882 (FAX) (Website)

M-F: 9am-5pm

Founded in 1948, the Northern California Service League (NCSL) is dedicated to reducing crime by helping offenders and ex-offenders become responsible and productive citizens through education, prevention, intervention, and transitional housing and job placement assistance.

NCSL put considerable emphasis on job placement services. NCSL has a 40-hour Life Skills and Job Placement Program that focuses on self-esteem, motivation, communication, conflict resolution and the fundamentals on how to get and keep a job. This workshop is open to anyone who is ready to make a change. In addition, NCSL provides basic services such as referrals for identification, food, clothing, shelter, and substance abuse treatment.

NCSL also has Cameo House, a transitional housing program for homeless ex-offenders. It is a reunification program that also helps the mothers to become self sufficient through employment.

NCSL administers the Children's Waiting Rooms at the Hall of Justice as well as the Civil Court House. This program provides free childcare to individuals with business before the courts.

Counseling and direct services for inmates and ex-offenders. Help with pursuing alternate sentencing, drug help, etc. They serve as liaisons between inmates, public agencies, and inmate's families and friends. Also provide re-entry assistance: clothing, shelter, employment service, life skills training; and rehabilitation placements. Provides temporary ID to offenders and ex-offenders by securing mug shot Ids. Usually these will only work to cash the first GA check; after that permanent ID is often required. Food boxes, most for families in the criminal justice system. Provide child care for individuals with business in the San Francisco Hall of Justice and at the Civil Court House. No Fees.

NCSL provides direct services to inmates located in the San Francisco County Jail with job placement counseling and other direct services to those released from jail or State Prison. Our Pre-Release office acts as a liaison between inmates, public agencies, inmate family and friends. Our Post Release office provides job placement assistance to ex-offenders through job readiness workshops with a specific program to work with State Parolees. Provides childcare services in both the Civil and Criminal Courthouses for those conducting business before the courts. Provide transitional housing for ex-offender women with children at our Cameo House.