San Francisco Homeless Resource

Community center providing. after school, evening and summer programs to youth ages 6-25.

Mission Statement []

Through culturally appropriate community-based services, MNC Youth programs nurture positive change in the lives of the highest risk youth and their families in the communities they live in. We promote cultural affirmation, social awareness, and community building to empower young people with the knowledge, tools, and confidence to achieve their fullest potential.


Precita Valley Community Center is one of three divisions of MNC Youth Services. Youth Services provides in-school, after school, summer and evening prevention and intervention programs for youth ages 6 to 25. We provide after school programs, summer camps family support services, evening recreational programs, GED and job training programs, skill building and support for neighborhood youth. 

Focusing on the Mission and the city’s Southeast Sector, we provide a continuum of services to young people. Precita provides case management and advocacy services for youth involved in the Juvenile Justice System. Precita Center also serves as an evening Safe Haven, offering a safe place for neighborhood high risk youth and young adults to participate in healthy activities and connect with vital services. 

We work with immigrant children and youth from Mexico and Central America, Asia, and the Pacific Islands; with youth born in the US to immigrant parents, and with kids whose families have been here for generations. We provide intensive services to youth who need a safe place to be after school and who have multiple risk factors and are involved in multiple systems such as juvenile justice system, foster care, mental health and child protective services. We serve children with special needs who are not able to get the additional support they need through their local school’s after-school program.