San Francisco Homeless Resource
Progress Foundation
Address 368 Fell St., 94102
Phone 415-861-0828
Hours M-F: 9am-5pm
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368 Fell St., 94102

415-861-0828 (Main Office)

415-861-0257 (FAX) (Website)

M-F: 9am-5pm

Provides four different types of psychiatric programs designed to meet the specific needs of individuals in various phases of rehabilitation and re-socialization. Programs vary in the length of stay and the degree of structure and support needed, providing an alternative to hospital-based or institutional care. Each program is located in a small, home-like setting, in the middle of residential communities. The programs work with adults, 18 and older. Services are specifically targeted to respond to the needs of individuals who are considered severely disabled due to mental illness and co-occurring substance abuse. Program services and staffing reflect a strong commitment to diversity and an awareness of the critical importance of cultural, ethnic, linguistic and social issues in the provision of effective community mental health services. Except where otherwise noted, there are no requirements of income for entry into the programs. There are programs located in San Francisco and Napa. Intake for all programs can be done by calling the agency's Evaluation, Referral, and Consultation Unit at 415-750-9859.