San Francisco Homeless Resource
San Francisco Department of Public Health - Health at Home
Address 635 Potrero Ave., 94110
Phone 415-206-6662
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Health at Home has two main programs:

Chronic Care Program

public health nurse case managers

635 Potrero Ave., 94110
415-206-6662 (Referrals)
415-206-6851 (Fax)

The Chronic Care Program[]

NOTE: Effective April 15, 2008 the Chronic Care Program has been closed by the DPH due to mid-year budget cuts.

This program is staffed by Public Health Nurses - Registered Nurses who focuss on education, coordination, advocacy and prevention, and can act as case managers for qualified clients.

These are clients who are chronically ill and/or disabled and require assistance with their medical and psychosocial problems.


residents of san francisco
have medical problems which are not adequately addressed in outpatient clinics.
clients are NOT required to have insurance.


For clients above a certain income threshold there is a $5 co-pay per visit. This fee may be waived for several reasons, including that the clients would refuse the service if required to pay.


415-206-6662 for information on making a referral.
Anyone can refer, although currently the majority of referrals come through health care providers and social workers at San Francisco General Hospital (SFGH) outpatient and Community Health Network clinics.

The Home Health Program[]

This program is staffed by Registered Nurses, Physical and Occupational Therapists, Social Workers and Home Health Aides who focus on practical care of individuals with hands-on needs for their medical problems.


residents of san francisco
must have a medical provider's order for specific nursing and physical/occupational therapy care
clients are NOT required to have insurance.


if not covered by medicare/medicaid or private insurance, fees are generally not charged.


Hands-on nursing and rehabilition (physical and occupational therapy) requires a medical provider's order. These clients are typically, but not always, referred for care after discharge from San Francisco General Hospital (SFGH), and care requires a medical provider's order.