San Francisco Homeless Resource
San Francisco General Hospital (SFGH) - HIV Outpatient Clinic, Ward 86 - Positive Health Program
Address 995 Potrero Ave., Ward 86, Bldg. 80, 6th floor, 94110
Phone 415-206-8000
Hours 24 hours daily
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995 Potrero Ave., Ward 86, Bldg. 80, 6th floor, 94110

415-206-8000 (General Information)

415-206-2400 (HIV Outpatient Clinic, Ward 86)

415-206-8558 (Sliding Fee Eligibility Line)

415-502-4777 (FAX)

24 hours daily (General Information)

T, Th, F: 8am-5pm; M, W: 8am-7pm (HIV Outpatient Clinic Ward 86)

M-F: 7:30am-4pm (Sliding Fee Eligibility Line)

Primary medical care and psycho-social services for anyone who is HIV+ and lives in San Francisco. Special women's clinic staffed by women providers to meet medical and psycho-social needs of HV+ women. Conducts research, has access to experimental drugs and treatment. Fees based on financial status (free to indigents). Persons living outside of San Francisco must have Medi-Cal. Waiting list: varies. Spanish, Russian, and Interpreter service. Wheelchair accessible.

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