San Francisco Homeless Resource
San Francisco Network Ministries
Address 366 Eddy St. (Computer Training Center)

559 Ellis St., 94109 (Office)

Phone 415-929-1032 (Computer Training Center) 415-929-6209 (Office)
Hours 10am-6pm (Computer Training Center) ,10am-4pm (Office)
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366 Eddy St. (Computer Training Center)

559 Ellis St., 94109 (Office)

415-929-1032 (Computer Training Center)

415-643-7861 (SafeHouse)

415-929-6209 (Office)

415-928-5752 (FAX)

M, Th: 10am-6pm (Computer Training Center)

M-F: 10am-4pm (Office)

San Francisco Network Ministries is devoted to the people of the Tenderloin with whom we work cooperatively for the empowerment of all, proclaiming good news for the poor and seeking liberty for those who are oppressed.

Since it's founding in 1972, Network ministries has provided a wide range of effective and compassionate service including computer training, kids programs, a safe house for prostituted women, memorial services for poor and homeless people, pastoral care for those with AIDS, and political advocacy regarding issues that affect the Tenderloin and its people.

Computer Training Center[]

Offers formal classes and computer access to adults and children from the Tenderloin. We provide training on state-of-the art machines in basic word processing, spreadsheets, and other Office programs necessary to succeed in today's job market. Those who would be shut out of the information age have access via e-mail and the Web during open drop-in hours. Children have a separate computer lab where they can use educational CD ROMS, participate in group learning projects, and do research for homework assignments. Call for a current class schedule.