San Francisco Homeless Resource
San Francisco Organizing Project (SFOP)
Address 3215 Cesar Chavez St., 94110-4609
Phone 415-821-5000
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3215 Cesar Chavez St., 94110-4609


415-821-5009 (FAX) (Website)

San Francisco Organizing Project (SFOP) welcomes low- and moderate-income families and seniors to become involved in public debate on issues that they deem important. SFOP creates hope, power and political will that results in change that transforms the lives of the families in the city. SFOP transforms community residents from bystanders into players. The players identify issues, shape and participate in the dialogue, understand policy analysis, come up with proposals and help implement them. In the process of bringing the voices of every day people into the arena SFOP: 1. Develops community leaders; 2. Changes public policy; 3. Re-allocates existing financial resources and creates new resources; 4. Changes the environment in which we are working. By doing these things we are able to improve the quality of life for families in San Francisco.