San Francisco Homeless Resource
San Francisco Revival Ministry - Direct Homeless Assistance Program
Address P.O. Box 423057

San Francisco, CA 94142

Phone (415) 828-4000
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P.O. Box 423057

San Francisco, CA 94142

(415) 828-4000

  • We currently don't have a physical address, but the base of our work is in and around the Financial District, with some pockets of activity in SOMA and the Civic Center.

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General Description and Direct Homeless Assistance Program[]

Non-denominational, non-profit agency. Conducts personalized outreach to the chronically homeless and forms personal relationships in order to counsel clients to accept services. Refers clients to services, and accompanies clients to appointments when requested. Provides moral and spiritual support for those who are inclined to that.

Executive Director David Beall performs the outreach and is assisted by formerly homeless staff and volunteers.

Street Angel Program[]

SF Revival is currently developing a program to get the public more involved in helping the homeless. Street Angels are professional members of the public who have regular interaction with the homeless in their work or home area. By working with SF Revival we can offer connection to others who are working with the same homeless individuals in order to collectively provide support. SF Revival can also mediate more professional homeless provider services through our own contacts and through

Please contact us if you are interested in participating.

Administration of[]

SF Revival is also involved in community advocacy including the administration and maintenance of As a co-founding agency we are still heavily involved in the development and maintenance of, and strive to make it a successful model for other communities.