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Comments by user/users March and June 2011[]

Someone who has negative things to say about Homeless Church edited the Main Page with opinions of theirs. policy is for Main Page to be for factual "yellow page" type info only. Opinions can be put on the Talk Page (here) so long as it is not offensive. The comments were deleted and are being re-posted here, with the exception of a personal negative comment which as stated is not permitted. My apologies for not catching this earlier. The wiki volunteers do their best to ensure that negative personal comments are not part of the wiki, and in this case we were late in catching this.

"Do not go to this church. (deleted) I lived at this house of "healing." The men who live at this place call it the "house of pain" not healing. I lived at this place for over 18 months. Hi, my name is Doug Ruby and my contact information is: Please email and I will gladly tell you more (deleted) Again, my name is Doug Ruby and my contact inforation is I wll gladly forward you the complaints I had and still have to the agencies about (deleted). Please be very carefull in your dealings about (deleted). He will use you,for example take your picture, post it on his website ( / net) so that he can get funding for himself and give crumbs to the less fortunate."