Tenderloin Housing Clinic (THC) - Turk Street
Address 472 Turk St. (Between Hyde and Larkin)
Phone 415-771-2427 (Modified Payments) 415-771-9850 (Tenant Advice) 415-346-6171 (Rep Payee)
Hours M-F: 9:30am-4:00pm
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Tenderloin Housing Clinic provides housing, legal, and supportive services for formerly homeless adults in the Tenderloin, South of Market, and Mission areas of San Francisco.

THC operates primary through the Master Lease Program. There are no fees charged for the services provided by THC. In order to enter the Modified Payment Program (MPP), a person must be referred by a City approved emergency shelter, the County Adult Assistance Program (CAAP) or by a community based organization approved by the Human Services Agency.

  • THC leases residential hotels through the SRO Housing program. THC provides Property Management and Support Services at the leased hotels. In order to participate, clients must have an income and be referred as noted above. Income can be either SSI income, from employment, or veteran's benefits. People living in shelters or working with other homeless service providers should ask their case managers about obtaining a referral. DO NOT SEND CLIENTS AS WALK-INS WITHOUT A REFERRAL FROM ONE OF THESE SOURCES or the client will be turned away.
  • The County Adult Assistance Program provides a housing subsidy to homeless CAAP recipients. CAAP clients must be referred by their CAAP Worker to the Housing Access Team.

Support ServicesEdit

  • The Support Services program provides case management and other services to MPP participants. Employment services, counseling and many group activities are offered on site in the hotels and at THC offices.
  • Representative-Payee and Money management Services are also available to those who are participating in the MPP.

Shelter Plus CareEdit

  • As a sponsor for the Shelter Plus Care Program, THC administers 90 sponsor-based subsidized units for clients who are homeless and disabled. Clients must apply through city agencies approved by the Human Services Agency. Clients who are accepted are referred to either the William Penn or the Cadillac Hotel, where on site support services are available.

Representative-Payee ServicesEdit

447 Turk Street (415)346-6171 Available to those who are willing to participate in the Modified Payment Program, as space allows. Available in the first two weeks of each month.

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