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I find myself in China town in the wee hours of the morning now and then,usually when it is warm.I came upon a sight that I will never forget.I was waliking down Waverly when I came upon a Young Asian girl in a Restaurant Alcove picking on the ground.She was taking breaks from ground picking to hit the pipe,the usual crackhead behavior.I was dismayed and then upset.I asked this one old gentleman what's up and got a very candid answer,"she is a whore"and that was upsetting.He was around my age and of the OLD TIMERS mindset straight out of China and he was apathetic to the bone.I wanted to do something,anything! was helpless and besides I have My own issues,but that is not the end of it.I may have walked away that night but I have not walked away from this ISSUE the panderers must be exposed and I will add that there are not many massage parlors on Waverly so you will figure it out.I am going to try and expose these scumbags who use Human beings like this.I am sure they promised her Heaven and Delivered HELL.They also keep her close and addicted obviously,she was being watched by someone who was peering at us making it known they were there. This young lady deserves the slice of American Pie she was promised.The clients who pay her panderous captors to enable her misery are sub-scum low life miscreants that need PUBLIC RIDICULE.This is an issue where there is a victim,not to be confused with free-lance prostitutes who only harm them selves with the Johns Dicks and Harrys and Old Asian and White guys who want a thrill.GOD HELP USJohnJoebee 21:44, March 5, 2010 (UTC)