San Francisco Homeless Resource
Women's Cancer Resource Center
Address 5741 Telegraph Ave., Oakland, 94609
Phone 510-420-7900 (Hotline) 510-601-4044 (Spanish) 510-601-4040 (Administration) 510-601-4045 (FAX)
Hours M-F: 9am-5pm

5741 Telegraph Ave., Oakland, 94609

510-420-7900 (Hotline)

510-601-4044 (Spanish)

510-601-4040 (Administration)

510-601-4045 (FAX) (Email)

M-F: 9am-5pm

Dedicated to empowering women with cancer and cancer survivors to be active and informed consumers of medical care. The Center provides information on practitioners, support groups lead by women with cancer or survivors, an emergency hotline, peer counseling and information, educational programs, advice for survivors as well as support groups and information for affected family members and friends. One-on-one in-home support/counseling available. Comprehensive resource and lending library with material on cancer treatment and general women's health issues. Call for more information. Spanish. Wheelchair accessible.